Impairment Rating Evaluations for Auto and Work Injuries

Impairment rating evaluations (IREs) can be performed by medical professionals to determine the severity of any impairments caused by an accident that resulted in an injury.

When dealing with legal and insurance matters, data is essential. Thus, after an automotive or workplace accident, an impairment rating makes the process easier by providing a solid evaluation of impairments upon which everyone can agree. This will eliminate the potential for confusion, disagreement, and scams to occur.

An impairment rating is given as a percentage, based on the extent to which the injury has impaired the individual’s ability to function as they usually would. An injury must be considered permanent (stable, no longer improving, and expected to last at least a year) to receive an impairment rating. Once treatment plans have moved from improving the condition to managing it, an impairment rating may be given.

Getting an IRE for Auto Injury Treatment

After an auto injury occurs, the evaluation and treatment of any impairments ensure that the injured party can receive the compensations they deserve for medical costs, settlements, and work loss.

Although many people involved in collisions feel no immediate effects, injuries may become more evident over time. For this reason, it is crucial to make a medical appointment and have injuries evaluated as soon as possible.

Getting an IRE for Work Injury Treatment

Impairment rating evaluations are administered as part of workplace injury treatment after the individual has received benefits for 104 weeks. The IRE helps to determine the amount of compensation the employee should get and for how long. This number is essential for Social Security Administration disability benefits as well as worker’s compensation.

An IRE also determines the individual’s ability to return to work by looking at the disabilities caused by the impairment.

Get Your Certified Impairment Rating

Dr. Giles at Grand Oaks Healthcare in Athens is certified to provide impairment ratings through Chris Brigham, MD, one of the senior editors for the AMA’s guides to impairment ratings. His main focus is providing impairment ratings for patients who were injured in an auto collision or at work.

Were you injured at work or in an auto accident? Call Grand Oaks Healthcare to book an appointment with Dr. Giles today.

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