How Spinal Decompression Therapy Can Treat Chronic Back Pain

Studies show that 80% of the population will experience lower back pain in their lives, and 20% of those cases will develop into chronic issues.

While surgery is a common treatment for chronic lower back pain, there is a less invasive option to treat and improve spinal injury and damage. Decompression traction is a treatment that stretches the muscles of the spine, while maintaining resistance on the vertebrae to allow fluid to recess back into the disc.

How Does Spinal Decompression Therapy Work?

Decompression traction can be used to relieve pain and treat radiating nerve pain, which develops over time. As a person ages, their spine's discs become compressed due to long periods of sitting and repetitive daily activities. These discs, which act as cushions, get torn and squished over time. The fluid contained within the discs can leak out or cause bulging.

Decompression treatments are usually administered using a machine to control the amount of traction used on the spine. The patient generally lays on a lumbar decompression table, and the chiropractor places a harness around their pelvis, which stretches the lumbar muscles, and decompresses the spine.

The act of decompressing the spine creates a vacuum effect that draws fluid back into the discs. This alleviates the pain of grinding in the spine and relieves pinched nerves. It also creates better blood flow and provides nutrient-rich fluid to the discs to facilitate the healing process.

Is Spinal Decompression Treatment Effective?

For many people with chronic pain and lower back issues, spinal decompression is a better alternative to surgeries and other more invasive operations. It is more affordable and involves far fewer risks and side effects.

Additionally, studies on spinal decompression effectiveness indicate a 71% success rate for nearly or completely removing pain. Patients also demonstrated improved mobility and ability to perform daily tasks.

Treat Your Back Pain with Spinal Decompression

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