Herniated vs Bulging Discs: What Is the Difference?

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There is a difference between a herniated disc and one that is bulging. At Grand Oak Health Care in Athens and Loganville, we take a careful look at your back to determine if you have any herniated or bulging discs before treatment is provided.

Herniated vs Bulging Discs

Your vertebral discs are cushions that help keep your spine in alignment. Over time, these discs can start to bulge or suddenly become herniated because of an injury. These discs are fluid-filled sacs, with an outer covering and a jelly-like center. If a disc is herniated, it is torn and leaks fluid into your body. With a bulging disc, the disc is not doing a good job supporting your spine, but it does not leak.

Spinal Decompression for Bulging Discs

When you see a chiropractor for pain related to a bulging disc, spinal decompression strategies can provide relief. The chiropractor looks at your spinal column and determines where you have any areas of compression. Light stretching, decompression techniques, massage, and ultrasound therapy can help ease the pressure on discs that are compressed and bulging.

What to Expect from Chiropractic Care

As part of any wellness plan with a chiropractor, you can expect an assessment to determine what is causing your back pain. The treatment plan is developed to meet your specific needs. You will see the chiropractor several times a week during the acute phase of treatment and slowly taper down your visits as you heal.

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