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A How-To Guide: Workplace Ergonomics for Improved Health & Energy

Written By Grand Oak Healthcare on February 8, 2021

Workplace Ergonomics If you are hunched over your desk for hours on end, you’re sure to experience back and neck pain. The spine’s vertebrae are meant to align in a precise “S” shape, and bad posture causes misalignment, which results in an unequal distribution of weight along the spine. This, in turn, puts pressure on the surrounding muscles, ligaments, and tendons—resulting in frustrating aches and pains.

Proper workplace ergonomics can prevent this and enhance productivity by removing the distraction of discomfort.

3-Step Checklist to Improving Your Workplace Ergonomics

Follow these three steps to create a workspace that will nurture good posture and practice good workplace ergonomics.

1. Get an Ergonomic Chair & Desk

Get a desk chair that offers support for the lumbar spine, which helps preserve the lower back's natural "S" curve. The chair should have armrests to support your forearms while typing. Otherwise, your shoulders will have to strain to hold your arms up.

An adjustable height desk is ideal; you can use it for both sitting and standing. A standing desk helps to counteract the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle because it requires you to stay on your feet and regularly move—by shifting your weight from one foot to another, for example.

2. Set Up Your Computer Screen Correctly

Ensure your computer screen is positioned so you are looking straight ahead. Looking up or down stresses the cervical spine and can result in misalignment. Position the monitor one arm's-length away from you to protect your eyes from the screen's blue light.

3. Practice a Spine-Friendly Stance

Workplace ergonomics isn’t just a question of the setup. You have to put it into practice. When you’re sitting and typing, your thighs and forearms should be parallel to the floor. Keep your feet flat on the floor and don’t cross your legs, which worsens spinal misalignment. 

Workplace Ergonomics Guidance in Athens, Georgia and Loganville

If you're struggling with back and neck pain due to poor workplace ergonomics, consult Grand Oak Healthcare for assistance. Our team of licensed chiropractors offers holistic care, treating not only the symptoms but also the underlying cause.

Call our Athens location at (706) 543-2584 to schedule an appointment today. Or our Loganville location at (770) 687-2655 to schedule an appointment today.

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