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Pre-Existing Degeneration and Arthritis Bad News for Whiplash Injuries

Written By Grand Oak Healthcare on June 14, 2021

Whiplash TreatmentFor the last 50 years, published studies have evaluated the significance of spine-related degeneration and arthritis and their impact on whiplash injuries. Researchers concluded that said pre-existing conditions make even minor whiplash injuries a major problem.

We at Grand Oak Healthcare are aware that insurance companies will write off whiplash symptoms and provide less coverage, citing the pre-existing conditions as the true cause. This is immoral. Thankfully, you have research on your side. And us.

The Studies On Whiplash Injuries and Pre-Existing Degeneration & Arthritis

A degenerated, arthritic spine is stiffer, less elastic, and more fragile than a healthy spine.

All the way back in 1964, researchers evaluated 5,000 whiplash patients who also had preexisting conditions in the neck. Data showed patients sustained more damage if they already had an ailing neck. Factors that made whiplash worse were degenerative diseases of the spine, wear and tear from advanced age, and any condition that led to a stiff neck.

The next 50 years cited mounting evidence supporting these two doctors’ conclusions. Studies show that such patients are still in pain up to 53% of the time two years after a whiplash injury. Whiplash accelerates spondylosis progression by 15 years, too.

In all, this means pre-existing degeneration and arthritis make it extremely difficult for a person to recover from whiplash injury. This puts even more stress on the surrounding tissue and joints, manifesting as chronic pain.

Protect Your Neck and Your Money at Grand Oak Healthcare

Dr. Giles and his team focus on the effective, evidence-based spinal care that the people of Athens have come to love. We also help patients and their attorneys dealing with personal injury cases, providing the required paperwork to move ahead with insurance claims or legal action. You deserve proper care and coverage for whiplash.

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