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Guide to Our Department of Transportation (DOT) Physical Examination

Suppose you currently have or are applying for a job that requires you to carry a Commercial Driver's License. In that case, a certified medical examiner must complete a routine DOT exam. When this is the case, the team at Grand Oak Healthcare in Athens, GA, and Loganville, GA, is here to help. Learn more about these exams below.


What Is a DOT Physical Examination?

When you carry a Commercial Driver's License or CDL, you operate a larger and more dangerous vehicle than the average type you see on the highway. A DOT exam ensures you are healthy enough to use such a vehicle.

Imagine having a heart attack while operating an 18-wheeler. This circumstance can easily cause you to lose control, potentially injuring you and anyone else on the road.

Though there is no way to see every potential issue, the DOT wants to ensure that it minimizes the possibility of such tragedies. Therefore, all CDL holders must have a physical exam to pinpoint and address potential issues.

What Happens during a DOT Exam?

Your exam will be a basic assessment of areas necessary by the Department of Transportation. This exam will include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following.

  • Physical Examination - The physical exam will look at your overall health to ensure everything looks good. This review includes everything from looking at your general appearance to checking your eyes for cataracts and your spine.
  • Blood Pressure - Your blood pressure and pulse are excellent indicators of potential or current issues. A certified medical examiner will ensure that these are at healthy levels.
  • Hearing - CDL holders must listen at a certain level within five feet, with or without a hearing device.
  • Vision - Your vision must be at least 20/40. You can wear corrective lenses to reach this vision level.
  • Urinalysis - This testing is done to check for conditions like diabetes.

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