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Instructions for using our FREE ONLINE PORTAL

Welcome to our Company. You are now accessing the latest technology in occupational drug testing. Our strategic alliance with Alere/Abbott Labs allows you to benefit in many ways. Scheduling your donor's test literally takes 2 minutes and receiving results can be as fast as 7 minutes---right to your secure portal. We have a robust menu of services such as:

Certified DOT Medical Physicals, Certified DOT Breath Alcohol and Urine Tests, Non-DOT Pre-employment Physicals, Hair Drug Tests, Salivary Drug Tests, DNA Tests, and any number of Custom Panel Drug Tests you may desire.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 706-850-5957.

You will receive an email that has a link to You will be given a username and a temporary password. Please change your password as soon as you login to the site.

On the left-hand side of the page, you will see the tab SCHEDULING. Click this and choose SCHEDULE AN EVENT. Page 1 is where you put in your donor's information and WHAT test you would like us to run. Keep in mind that choosing Drivers License as the form of identification is preferred. Please type in their correct Drivers License number in the field. Page 2 is where you choose the parameters on WHEN they test. Place your email into the email address field. Confirm Scheduled Event. Page 3 is where the Donor receives instructions for the test and directions on WHERE our office is located. We suggest adding the donor's cell phone in the field. They system will text them driving directions to our office and the barcode we use to scan for implementation of the test you ordered. Keep in mind, you may also print the order and/or email the order to your donor. It's really your choice.

That's it. Once they arrive, we will perform the test. If you have chosen an Ecup, the system will email you the results if the test of NEGATIVE in about 7 minutes. If the test was a NON-NEGATIVE or if it was a lab-based test such as DOT, we will FedEx the specimen to the lab and you should have a determination from the MRO ---DIRECTLY TO YOUR PERSONAL PORTAL.

To check your results, choose REPORTS on the left-hand side of the entry screen after logging into the site. From there you can choose several different reports to fit your needs.

Doug Giles, DC Certified DOT Medical Examiner National Registry 3003391969

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