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Order a Drug Test with eScreen

Written By Grand Oak Healthcare on September 3, 2020

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Studies suggest that many adults use illegal drugs while employed part or full time. Compared to employees that do not use illicit substances, these employees are more likely to: 

  • Be absent or late to work 
  • Be less productive 
  • Be involved in an accident at work or file a workers’ compensation claim 
  • Frequently change jobs 

Successful drug-free workplaces have shown to have increased productivity and overall morale with a decreased amount of downtime, accidents, turnover, and theft. 

Grand Oak Healthcare provides employers with the tools to create a thriving drug-free workplace environment for their employees. 

Available Drug Screen Tests  

We have a robust menu of drug screening services, including: 

  • Certified DOT medical physicals 
  • Certified DOT breath alcohol and urine tests 
  • Hair drug tests 
  • Salivary drug tests
  • DNA tests 
  • Non-DOT pre-employment physicals 
  • Custom panel drug tests 

The Benefits of Drug Testing 

Drug-free work environments are essential to a safe and productive workplace. drug screening offers several benefits, including: 

  • The ability to create an account and schedule a drug test in as little as two minutes
  • Results of the drug test can be delivered to your secure portal in as fast as seven minutes 
  • The ability to conveniently select and customize the different reports you need  

Scheduling a Drug Test at Grand Oak Healthcare

  • Donors will arrive and need to provide a state or federal identification card--drivers license and passports or most common.
  • We have very short wait times, usually no more than 5 mins
  • The technician will escort the donor to the back where the donor will take all items out of his pockets and place in a locked locker
  • The technician will verify employment and personal information with the donor
  • A new, sealed specimen cup will be opened and presented to the donor.  
  • The donor will be escorted to the restroom where she will urinate in the cup
  • After providing the specimen to the technician, the technician will verify temperature and quality of the specimen
  • The specimen will be signed, sealed, bagged for the lab or tested immediately if an Ecup
  • The donor leaves
  • Results are within 7 mins if Ecup---48 hours if lab based. 

Drug Screening in Athens or Loganville

Grand Oak Healthcare provides a fast, convenient, and reliable way to perform drug screenings. Dr. Giles has been serving the Athens and Loganville communities and providing chiropractic care since 2002. If you have any questions about drug screening or need help scheduling a test, give us a call. 

Interested in Drug Screening in Athens or Loganville? Schedule online or call our office at (706) 850-5957 if you have any questions.

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