Doctor reviewing x-rays with patient Our Chiropractic office near Athens is available for x-ray examinations.

Diagnostics are very important to quality chiropractic care and x-rays are one of the most commonly used tools. Why? They are non-invasive and really give Grand Oak Chiropractic a chance to see what is going on in your body so that an appropriate course of treatment can be determined. Here’s what you need to know about the use of x-rays at Grand Oak Chiropractic. 

Using X-Rays in Chiropractic Treatment

There are several instances when you might be asked to take an x-ray. The first is on your initial appointment to our office. The reason for this is that the doctor wants to take a baseline look at where you currently are to help compare as treatment progresses, determine pathologies and conditions that may be contraindicated to chiropractic care.

After treatment, your chiropractor might opt to use an x-ray to see where things are in terms of improvement. Often, the results of spinal manipulation and other similar techniques are visible via this type of scan. The doctor then has the ability to make decisions on the need for further treatment.

Not All Patients need X-Rays

It is important to note that not all patients will require x-ray.   Our office does not x-ray patients without first obtaining a proper examination and determining that medical necessity warrants a radiology study.  

However, severe circumstances sometimes involve a closer look. Both of our office utilize the newest digital x-ray technologies to ensure that image detail and patient safety are maximized.  Our doctors are board certified in interpreting spinal and skeletal radiographs.


In short, x-rays are an important tool for our doctors to diagnose health conditions and ensure patients receive a proper diagnosis.  If at any time our doctors feel that more information is necessary, they may refer out for MRI imaging, CT scans, diagnostic ultrasound and/or nerve conduction studies. 

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